Bluehorn started its activities in 1998 and was formally established as an independent company in 2000 to set up and implement the global Internet strategy for a well known Dutch Multinational. Based on Bluehorn's Internet expertise, thorough in-house knowledge of a range of industries and a unique custom-built content management system, Bluehorn delivers First Class Internet sites.

History This system has enabled them to centrally manage multilingual content at an international scale and meet local needs and increase sales. As of 2000 Bluehorn has expanded its footprint into other industries where stakeholder interaction and infotainment play a major role. The focus was moved to providing strategic consulting, multi-channel interaction solutions, entertainment and mobile communications concepts using innovative technologies. Being there when they need you Bluehorn's Professional Services organisation offers specialised services that reflect years of expertise in different vertical markets (e.g. healthfood, travel, manufacturing, financials), user interface design, large-scale Internet deployments and training. This enables our clients to obtain powerful solutions that are tailored to their unique business strategies, technology infrastructure and brand identity. As a company dedicated to providing strategic Internet business solutions to its clients, Bluehorn offers incisive, inventive and market-savvy guidance for on line initiatives - including branding, creative design, architectural navigation, user interface development as well as dynamic content empowerment to all businesses. Bluehorn works with its clients to develop the ultimate user experience - not simply the look and feel of a web site, but the relationships created between each individual business and their specific customers. Bluehorn follows a proven process to clearly identify business objectives, profile the Internet environment, and connect with the audience. Bluehorn supports its technical, creative and marketing services with the most current information available on market trends, competitors, challenges and opportunities.