Integral Brand Assessment

Integral Brand Assesment
Bluehorn helps determine the technical strategy for moving your company forward through the following processes:

Assess & Design the Operational Platform

  • Solidify your market vs. operations-driven approach
  • Identify existing and required functional design elements, as well as key roles to support this approach
  • Clarify and define your mission statement and value proposition

Plan for Performance Accountability and Results

  • Design an organizational alignment plan and define measurable goals
  • Create a customer alignment plan and identify risk profile
  • Solidify lines of business, and revenue streams (financial projections)

Convergence / Control

  • Secure the competitive advantage platform and risk profile (qualitative / quantitative)
  • Review and refine the organizational / customer alignment plans and solidify the value/supply chain integrate platform
  • Identify hidden equities and other revenue streams
  • Design a strong competitive / industry consolidation intelligence platform
  • Finalize mission statement to secure brand image, relevance, trade positioning and deliverables

Implementation & Sustainability

  • Executive Business Coaching
  • Accountability Forums for Feedback and Continuous Improvements
  • Course Correction / Resolution

Digital Brand Solution

Technology Planning

Bluehorn outlines the required technology framework to integrate brand deliverables and business strategy requirements to ensure that what we ultimately create is useful and engaging for the end user. To get there, we create:

  • The preliminary architectural requirements based on the internal evaluation of Technology Needs, Tolerance, and Talent.
  • An assessment of current industry standards, adoptability and the historical life cycles for technology, as applied to your business.
  • A preliminary plan in support of any projected competitive retaliation.

Plan for Convenience & Optimal Functionality

Bluehorn designs the parameters to support the necessary scalability and maintainability for optimal "backend" administrative management. It solidifies the technical applications to assure that your brand and business model are seamless across an online platform to assure the best possible end-user experience.

Convergence / Control:

  • We help create a secure user experience to optimize brand deliverables and business revenue goals.
  • We review and refine the technology framework and functionality alignment plans.
  • We finalize your online brand identity to secure your digital business community image, relevance, trade positioning and deliverables.

Implementation & Sustainability

In order to ensure that success of the project lives beyond its launch, Bluehorn also works with you to provide Technology Coaching:

  • Accountability Forums for Feedback and Continuous Improvements
  • Course Correction and Resolution