Content Services

A key indicator of a successful Website is whether it is continually updated with fresh information. One of the quickest turnoffs for any Web surfer is the feeling that the content on the site is out of date. Because we have been writing for the Internet for several years we don't need every last punctuation mark or the paragraph structure to be perfect - we will make it so!

Content Maintenance Often the burden falls on the already over-stressed marketing department, with produkt development or external agencies providing content. To have Website Administration as an "add-on" to someone's already full job description doesn't create the right conditions for a high quality result. Your Internet presence is important - why not treat it so? Even if your Website is large, in many cases it is more cost-effective to subcontract out Website maintenance work rather than employ a dedicated Website Administrator or Webmaster. Work out how much you will pay an Administrator per year, double it to obtain the true cost, and then ask us what sort of service we could provide for that sum! Bluehorn can provide independent advice in a number of areas that an employed administrator may not be experienced in. We prefer to work remotely by FTP and have a static IP address specifically for that purpose. This means that security concerns can be complied with in most cases by setting up your firewall to allow through our exact IP address only. We have worked by emailing changes to administrators on-site or uploading directly on-site ourselves but these are not the most cost-effective or timely methods. Audits We offer two cost-effective audits for Website owners looking to upgrade usability and therefore improve the returns from their Website:
  • An audit by one of our professionals who will study and test the Website and produce an audit report.
  • An audit that includes the use of around five users who are chosen to represent the target demographic of the Website. The users are set specific tasks and watched while they attempt to complete them in their own environment. The results of these interviews are combined with the professional audit described above to produce an audit report.
In our experience the audit results often produce recommendations for the Website owner to reconsider strategic issues that have become obvious. Because Bluehorn is also very strong in the area of Internet and business strategy, it makes good sense to employ a company such as ours to audit your Website in this manner.