Starting its activities in 1998, Bluehorn was formally established in 2000 as an independent company to set up and implement the global Internet strategy for a well known Dutch Multinational. Based on Bluehorn's Internet expertise, thorough in-house knowledge of a range of industries and unique custom-built applications, Bluehorn has become over the years the strategic supplier and partner of several top 500 companies world wide.

Project Management Bluehorn has developed extensive experience in managing and successfully realising complex projects on a global scale. Bluehorn coordinates the roll-out process of national, pan-European and Global web exposure for products, promotions and customer communications. Work Bluehorn guides its clients, engaged in international (multilingual) operations, through the process, starting with the building of tailor made strategy up until the implementation and support of the various applications. Bluehorn has already built a wide range of websites, from communities to corporate websites. Contact our sales now! Let them inform you on how Bluehorn can assist you and your organization to get maximum web-exposure. Proposition Our customers are (inter)national companies operating from a centralised or regional perspective, or planning to centralise. These clients benefit from aligned brand exposure, quality integrity and cost efficiencies. Bluehorn recognises that to succeed in a global economy, organisations must respond quickly to market developments. The ability to achieve fast, coordinated website launches on an international scale, with consistent web design, product and brand recognition, at minimum cost, is critical.