Design Services

Front-end architecture, graphic design, usability, brand migration and content creation. Bluehorn combines creative design with usability and new wireless technologies to help you interact and reach the end-users more effectively.

Process The first steps of the Design process have been taken when the client’s strategy and identity have been established and the initial ‘look & feel’ graphic composites are created. Planning involves the discovery of content, consideration of future expansion, and analysis of priorities and content positioning. Web functionality goals and technology limitations must be respected during this process. Use of technologies, such as Flash and Java and other complex design issues can affect the implementation process and have to be considered carefully. Management of the Design phase is accomplished by our process control. Documentation and composites are centralized and presented securely to all involved parties for thorough review and project due diligence. Whether we are working with a design partner or handling the entire scope of work, it is our job to ensure applications and site designs meet all strategy, identity and development requirements. The result is blueprints that capture your image and indicate the lightning-quick pages and simple interfaces you expect, and we insist on. The design of serious technology is critical and typically beyond the expertise of even the most qualified ad agencies and designers. Bluehorn understands the value of your company’s identity and we strive to preserve and expand on it when building your web applications. For clients with exceptional branding and identity already established, we can work with existing designers or in-house personnel. Our expertise will focus and enhance the direction of your branding strategy and goals while ensuring an identity that works on the web and offline. When a new identity is required, Bluehorn can recommend an appropriate design partner or collaborate with a client’s chosen ad agency or graphic designers. Working as a team, we will ensure precision branding that translates into light, sophisticated site and application design.