Multimedia Services

Multimedia innovations have many ways of projecting your business image. A powerful multimedia presentation, distributed on-line, or via a full-size or business-sized CD-ROM, can quickly separate you from the competition.

Multimedia Features Flash Technology is one of the widely used tools for creating multimedia presentation. Flash gives tremendous freedom to create designs in a very low size package optimized for the web, Flash can be used to develop interactive corporate introductions, presentations, games as well as complete websites with database driven content and forms. Multimedia / Business CDROM Services we offer are :
  • Flash Intro
  • Flash Banner Ads
  • Flash Interactive websites - with navigation
  • Corporate Presentation
  • CD Business Cards - Visiting card CDs
  • Product/Service Brochures
  • Interactive Catalogues
  • Interactive Training/Demo ProgramsInteractive
CD-ROMs offer a highly accessible and versatile format to deliver presentations, promotions and training material in a memorable, interesting, informative and enjoyable style. Bluehorn combines designs with Macromedia Flash, Director & other multimedia software applications to create visually exciting and dynamic web sites, presentations and interactive CDs.