Microsoft .NET

Bluehorn has been using the Microsoft .NET Framework from its first release in 2002 to deliver robust and scalable web and enterprise. Bluehorn's .NET development team has gained solid experience in software programming using various Microsoft development technologies (ASP.NET, .NET Remoting/Web Services, ADO.NET). Our R&D department pays special attention to constant investigation and adoption of the latest upgrades of the .NET Framework to deliver solutions with improved presentation, business logic, information management, security and reliability.

ASP .NET ASP .NET is one of the core technologies used for web application development in our company. We have successfully developed numerous web projects based on .NET technologies that vary greatly in business logic and technical complexity, from simple CMS-enabled websites to complex business applications exceeding 50 man-years of efforts. We deliver custom .NET development as well as customization and integration of third-party solutions. Following the latest .NET Framework enhancements (including .NET Framework 3.5) we employ up-to-date technologies and tools such as ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight and others to develop modern rich internet applications (RIAs). Bluehorn's specialists fully employ the advantages of .NET Framework interoperability with other sources of data, applications, systems and programming languages to choose development means that are most suitable to the client’s needs. We offer:
  • Custom .NET Web-based Solutions Development
  • Third-Party Systems Customization / Integration like DotNetNuke and Microsoft software.
  • Application Integration with Legacy Systems
  • Systems Reverse Engineering / Code Refactoring
  • Application Migration and Porting (Programming Language / Framework / Database)
  • Legacy Applications Updating / Enhancement / Performance Tuning
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